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Task 1: Mathematical and numerical modeling of the physiological processes

Mathematical and numerical methods developed in this task are related to the main goals of the project, namely the mathematical modeling and simulation of the following complex problems of clinical relevance:

(1) Progression of cerebral aneurysms,

(2) Inflammation/coagulation processes,

(3) Electromechanical activity of the heart with application to the myocardial infarction process.

These studies demand to focus on many fundamental issues related to the well-posedness of the model equations, at least in simplified cases, as well as to the derivation of accurate and efficient numerical schemes to perform the computer simulations at a low computational cost.



Ana Leonor Silvestre; Carlos Alves; João Janela; Jorge Tiago; Nuno Martins; Rafael Santos; Telma Santos; Telma Silva; Adélia Sequeira (task leader).