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Task 2: Interpretation, processing and reconstruction from medical images

This task focuses on the interpretation of clinical data and its translation to a computational setup, together with theoretical and numerical settings. These include CT and MR direct imaging techniques, and other reconstruction techniques based on mathematical and numerical models that may be used in medical imaging.

In order to perform patient-specific studies, data obtained in vivo is gathered and prepared for the numerical simulations. The requirements are the anatomically accurate vessel geometry, boundary conditions and the possibility to identify and track objects (as red blood cells or markers) to obtain temporal evolution information. Emphasis will be placed on the need for care in medical image processing and the reconstruction procedures, prior to the numerical simulations. In the case of post-processing imaging the methods include robust filtering, contrast enhancement and segmentation schemes. Clinical data assimilation will also provide appropriate boundary conditions to the numerical simulations. Validation of the numerical simulations will be performed by comparing results to those of the acquired medical images.



Adélia Sequeira; Alberto Gambaruto; Ana Jantarada João; Nuno Martins; Pedro Serranho; Carlos Alves (task leader).