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Task 4: Mathematical and numerical study of inflammation and thrombosis

The main goal of this task is the mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of comprehensive models of blood inflammation and coagulation including the most relevant sub-processes, based on experimental data obtained by IMM (Task 6). This is a long-term plan. Here we will consider a reduced model that can cover the two experimental cases.

The results of this task will be:

(1) Numerical simulation and validation against experiments of a simplified model of coagulation including blood slip at the vessel wall and coupling a system of advection-reaction-diffusion equations for the biochemistry with a non-Newtonian model for blood; work in collaboration with Prof. A. Fasano (Univ. Firenze);

(2) Derivation, analysis and simulation of a coupled model system of inflammation and coagulation based on experiments and involving blood flow, transport, reaction and interactions of particles in the blood and with vessel wall.



Ana Leonor Silvestre; Ana Silva-Herdade; Jevgenija Pavlova; João Janela; Carlota Saldanha; Rafael Santos; Oualid Kafi; Javad Hatami; Adélia Sequeira (task leader).