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Task 5: Mathematical and numerical study of the electro-mechanical activity of the heart

The current diagnosis of heart performance is based on visual evaluation of global and regional contractility, and evaluation of the regional strain, both very dependent on the load conditions of the heart, i.e. left ventricle end-diastolic pressure and arterial pressure.

The main goal of this task is to develop a model to study the combined effects of cardiac mechanics and the dynamics of electrical activity to simulate physiopathological situations of medical interest at reasonable computational costs. Concerning the cardiac mechanics we will approach not only the direct problem, that is how to model the heart mechanical properties, but also the inverse problem, that is to compute the regional mechanical properties from arterial pressure and 3D mechanical deformation. The modeling and derivation of efficient numerical solutions of the electrical activity and the electromechanical coupling will be done in collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Quarteroni at the EPFL.



Adélia Sequeira; Fausto Pinto; Luis Rosário; Simone Rossi; Alexandra Moura (task leader).