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Task 6: Provision of clinical data and medical consulting

This task regards the role of the medical doctors belonging to the team to provide:

(1) Clinical data used in the application tasks;

(2) Physiological insight into the principal physical description of the problem;

(3) Feedback of the computational solutions from a clinical perspective.

Identification of specific clinical cases, both healthy and diseased is required to build a subject database. This task will result on a well-structured and complete data acquisition that can be processed and translated to models for numerical simulations. An important role of the medical members is the evaluation of the computational results from a physiological perspective, indicating which measures can be of most use in a practical clinical setting.



Ana Silva-Herdade; Fausto Pinto; Gil Cunha; Luís Rosário; Marcos Barbosa; Olinda Rebelo; Ricardo Pereira; Susana Gonçalves; Vanada Almeida; Carlota Saldanha (task leader).