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Project EXCL/MAT-NAN/0114/2012


The main goal of the project is the development and analysis of mathematical models and algorithms for the simulation of closely connected problems of clinical relevance associated with vascular diseases:

(1) Progression of cerebral aneurysms;

(2) Biomechanical and biochemical actions in blood vessels: application to inflammation and thrombosis processes;

(3) Electromechanical activity of the heart: application to myocardial infarction process.

This study demands to focus on many fundamental issues both from the mathematical and computational viewpoints aiming at a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanisms governing blood motion, from the continuum perspective down to the particle representation of biologically active components. The key factor is the interaction between biological and hemodynamic processes.

The project research developments are based on several components linked through the mathematical analysis and numerical simulations of the model problems (Task 1). These components are:

(A) Medical Imaging & Image Processing (Task 2);

(B) Biomechanics (Tasks 3, 4, 5);

(C) Clinical Data and Medical Consulting (Task 6).

The ultimate project goal is to setup patient-specific models incorporating data and measurements taken from each single patient, not only to simulate pre-operative pathological configurations, but also to analyze post-operative effects, with reasonable accuracy and non-invasive means. The models will constitute step towards a research and development platform for the process of predictive medicine in which interventions and therapies are planned, analyzed and optimized, based upon predictions and outcomes through accurate and efficient numerical simulations.