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Almeida   Ana    phone: +35121 780 5000 Ext: 91373    MD,PhD   : AIDFM-FML
  Research_interests: New modalities of cardiovascular imaging, Valve heart disease, Pulmonary hypertension, Heart involvement by systemic diseases, Atrial fibrillation, Myocardial perfusion mechanisms and assessment.
Alves   Carlos    phone: +351 21 8417065    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Numerical Analysis; Wave Scattering; Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations.
Barbosa   Marcos    phone: +351 239400400 Ext: 11205    MD,PhD   : IBILI/CHUC
  Research_interests: Brain Aneurysms; Cerebral Vasospasm.
Brás Rosário   Luís    phone: +351 21 7805000 Ext: 90005    MD,PhD   : AIDFM-FML
  Research_interests: Cardiac Regeneration; Left Ventricular Function; Cardiovascular Autonomic Control; Cardiac Imaging Valvular Heart Disease; Ischemic Heart Disease and Heart Failure; Clinical Trials.
Cunha   Gil    phone:    MD   : IBILI/CHUC
  Research_interests: Cerebrovascular Disease and Selective Autophagy; Endothelial Mechanotransduction.
Gambaruto   Alberto    phone: 934011747    Postdoc   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics; geometry reconstruction from medical images; finite element methods; blood flow simulations.
Gonçalves   Susana    phone:    MD   : AIDFM-FML
  Research_interests: Hypertension; Acute myocardial infarction; Cardiac resynchronization therapy; Pulmonary arterial hypertension; Aortic stenosis; Cardiotoxicity cancer therapy.
Gudiño Rojas   Elias    phone: +351 968703089    Postdoc   : CEMAT - IST Office: 2.07
  Research_interests: Numerical methods for PDEs; Nonlinear viscoelastic materials; Mathematical models for drug delivery.
Guerra   Telma    phone: +351 962485244    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Mathematical modelling in biomedicine; data assimilation; non-Newtonian fluids; optimal control.
Hatami   Javad    phone:    Researcher   : CEMAT - IST Office: 2.05
  Research_interests: Nanobiotechnonology and biomaterials; Computational biosystems; Blood rheology.
Janela   João    phone: +351 213925845    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Numerical methods for PDEs; Hemodynamics and hemorheology; blood flow simulations.
Jantarada João   Ana    phone: +351 965816158    PhD Student   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.51
  Research_interests: Haemodynamics; blood rheology; cerebral aneurysms; medical imaging processing and interpretation
Kafi   Oualid    phone: +351 968 612 937    Postdoc   : CEMAT - IST Office: 2.05
  Research_interests: PDEs; Mathematical and numerical modeling of atherosclerosis; FSI simulations for blood flow problems.
Martins   Nuno    phone:    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Reconstruction od medical images; inverse problems; numerical methods for PDEs.
Masuda   Alex    phone:    PhD Student   : AIDFM-FML
  Research_interests: Study of cardiac diseases in animal models.
Moura   Alexandra    phone: +351 962103601    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Numerical and Mathematical Modelling, and Computer Simulation of Fluid and Solid Dynamics; Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena. Optimal Control and Stability Analysis.
Pavlova   Jevgenija    phone:    PhD Student   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.51
  Research_interests: Blood coagulation modeling and simulations; finite element methods
Pereira   Ricardo    phone:    MD   : IBILI/CHUC Office: 89
  Research_interests: Cerebrovascular Disease and Selective Autophagy; Endothelial Mechanotransduction.
Pinto   Fausto    phone: +351 217805000 Ext: 55356    MD,PhD   : AIDFM-FML
  Research_interests: Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging; Intracoronary Ultrasound Echocardiography; Heart failure; Diastology; Hypertension.
Pires   Marília    phone: +351 266 740 800 (ext: 5340)    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST Office: CLV Gab-24
  Research_interests: Non-Newtonian fluids; blood rheology; blood flow simulations.
Rebelo   Olinda    phone:    MD   : IBILI/CHUC
  Research_interests: Brain Tumor Genetics.
Rossi   Simone    phone:    PhD Student   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.51
  Research_interests: Mathematical modelling and simulations of the mechanical and electroactivity of the heart; numerical methods for PDEs
Saldanha   Carlota    phone: +351 217985136    Prof.   : IMM- FML Office: P2B-42
  Research_interests: Hemorheology; Inflammation; microvascular biology.
Santos   Rafael    phone: +351 289800007    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Blood coagulation and atherosclerosis modelling; numerical methods for PDEs.
Sequeira   Adélia    phone: +351 218417073    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.33
  Research_interests: Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation; Blood Rheology; Mathematical Modeling of Clot Growth; Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, with Applications to Fluid Mechanics.
Serranho   Pedro    phone:    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Medical imaging processing; numerical methods for PDEs
Silva   Telma    phone: +351 964850275    PhD Student   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.09
  Research_interests: Numerical methods for PDEs; Mathematical and numerical modelling of atherosclerosis; finite element methods.
Silva-Herdade   Ana    phone: +351 217985136    PhD Student   : IMM- FML Office: P2B-39
  Research_interests: Inflammation; intravital microscopy; neutrophils.
Silvestre   Ana Leonor    phone: +351 218 417067    Prof.   : CEMAT - IST
  Research_interests: Analysis of Mathematical Models for the Motion of Rigid Bodies in Incompressible Fluids; Numerical Methods for PDEs.
Tiago   Jorge    phone: +351 218419753    Postdoc   : CEMAT - IST Office: 2.07
  Research_interests: Optimal Control Problems in Hemodynamics; Optimal Control Theory; Stabilization and Estimation for Partial Differential Equations.
Tricerri   Paolo    phone:    PhD Student   : CEMAT - IST Office: 5.51
  Research_interests: Mathematical models for the vessel wall; fluid-structure interaction problems; FSI simulations; cerebral aneurysms.